Panasonic: Fujisawa SST – A smart city vision for 2104

June 15, 2011 in filtered based on companies


The “Fujisawa model” is interesting as it approaches city development from what people want and need, not technologies. The fact that a city develops is also acknowledged and it is what a 100 year perspective is included.

See image for the time line:


This is how Panasonic describes the project on their webpage:

“The ‘Fujisawa model’ is a revolutionary town-creation scheme that will bring energy to life, enhancing people’s lives with solar power, security, mobility, community, and healthcare. Fujisawa SST is our message to people and to the world that these problems could be solved. In the spring of 2014, energy will be brought to life in a sustainable smart town that will open its doors to a new age of hope.”


For more information please see:


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