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As one of the first political projects that address more long-term climate challenges the NYS 2100 commission is very interesting. The approach is very reactive and it is almost exclusively about protecting NYS. It would have been great to see more about how the climate threat could be a driver, not just for a greener and more recilient infrastructure, but also how it could become a main driver for innovation and export.


Still it is great to see an overview of a decentralised energy system as a vision in contrast to the centralised we have today. See image from report:



The objective
The NYS 2100 Commission is tasked with finding ways to improve the resilience and strength of the state’s infrastructure in the face of natural disasters and other emergencies. The Commission will be co-chaired by Judith Rodin, President of the Rockefeller Foundation, and Felix G. Rohatyn, former Chairman of the Municipal Assistance Corporation. In addition to President Rodin’s leadership and expertise, the Rockefeller Foundation will provide both staff expertise and other assistance in developing the Commission’s report and recommendations. The Commission’s preliminary recommendations were delivered January 3, 2013.


This is from the foreword by NYS 2100 Co-Chairs
Judith Rodin, President, Rockefeller Foundation
Felix Rohatyn, Senior Advisor to the Chairman, Lazard
“Building a 21st century resilience strategy comes with significant economic opportunities. Newly conceived infrastructure investments will be rooted in rebuilding smarter while also creating the jobs of tomorrow, including green jobs. The spirit of New Yorkers is never more evident than when faced with crisis and the attendant challenges. Now is no different. The recommendations outlined in the following report provide the framework, but this is only the beginning. Resilience requires frequent testing and evaluation. Together, we can make a more vibrant and crisis-ready New York State.”

The full report can be downloaded here http://www.governor.ny.gov/assets/documents/NYS2100.pdf

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