“Building the 22nd century” conference

October 14, 2013 in filtered based on organisation


Surprisingly few academic events include a 22nd century perspective, University of Nebraska-Lincoln is one of the leaders. The 14-16 of October 2013 they arranged conference to begin creating a thoughtful vision of the 22nd century built environment.


The assumptions for the conference were the following:


“Future built environment scenarios must consider refuge and infrastructure, which will be influenced by social, political, food and global factors. This conference will feature experts in a diverse variety of fields, from engineering and architecture to futurists, urban planning, transportation and other vital areas.”


“Together with the conference participants, we will discuss their visions for possible 22nd century built environments, as well as the implications and future actions to deal with these demands.”


More about the conference can be found here.

An example of a contribution from the conference:



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