The 22nd Century at First Light: Envisioning Life in the Year 2100

October 1, 2012 in filtered based on organisation


In September 2012 the World Future Society issued a special report “The 22nd Century at First Light: Envisioning Life in the Year 2100″ as the September-October issue of THE FUTURIST.


This is how the issue was introduced by the editor, very close to the idea behind 22nd century voices as you can see:


A child born today will only be 88 years old in the year 2100. It’s time to start thinking and caring about the twenty-second century now.

The next 88 years may see changes that come exponentially faster than the previous 88 years. What new inventions will come out of nowhere and change everything? What will our families look like? How will we govern ourselves? What new crimes or other threats loom ahead? Will we be happy? How?

THE FUTURIST invited WFS members and friends to submit forecasts, scenarios, wild cards, dreams, and nightmares about the earth, humanity, governance, commerce, science and technology, and more.

So, what do we see in this “first light” view over the next horizon? A fuzzy and inaccurate picture, no doubt, but also an earnest attempt to shake out our futuring instruments and begin improving them. To build a better future for the generations who are depending on us, we’ll need the best tools we can develop.


The report is a collection of essays and an overview can be found here:




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