Stanford University Institute of Design: Stanford2025

May 1, 2014 in filtered based on organisation


Education is key for the future and the @Stanford Project explore possible futures. The Stanford2025 exhibit and website, was sparked at the in Spring 2013. Given the contemporary emphasis being placed on experimentation with online learning, they wondered what interesting changes were also starting to happen in the in-person, physical learning environment? To explore this question further, the project was funded by Dean of the School of Engineering, Jim Plummer.


The project included three classes, a series of workshops and the development of tools to support individuals who share the goal of experimenting towards a future Stanford, and an experienced project team that worked currently to synthesize and build on the ideas and research initiated by the students and project partners. Design work continued both inside and outside of class for a year, creating the foundation for the exhibit, which debuted in May 2014.


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Different futures are illustrated in short movies like the one below (link to movie here).



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