Visions 2100: Stories from your future

October 11, 2015 in filtered based on organisation

Vision 100

This is a webpage for a book with a 2100 focus. The webpage was launched 11 October 2015 and a book tour is planned for 2016.

The book tells the power of Visions and invites the reader to participate in the VISIONS 2100 Project by creating and sharing their own vision of life in 2100. The aim is to get widespread engagement and interest in comparing and telling visions of a better future and to drive ‘water-cooler’ discussions globally.

The context of the book is around the challenges presented by climate change and environmental issues, but concept is wider and is about how to change community, and then government, perceptions of how to approach long term global problems. Human psychology is not designed to cope with long-dated problems. We are very good at solving immediate crises but often fail to act on gradual, complex challenges – such as climate change – until catastrophe looms. For environmental problems, the standard approach is to try and get people to worry about the looming disaster but that fails to engage the majority of the population. The telling of visions enables people to engage with and be excited by what is possible – by the opportunities that change can provide.

Here is the link to the webpage.


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