The Intergenerational Foundation (IF)

May 8, 2011 in filtered based on organisation


This project have a quite narrow focus on the UK, but the general approach is very much a 22nd century one.


The Intergenerational Foundation (IF) is an independent, non-party-political charity that exists to research fairness between the generations in order to protect the rights of younger and future generations in British policy-making.


Whilst increasing longevity is to be welcomed, our changing demographic and expectations of entitlement are placing increasingly heavy burdens on younger and future generations. From housing, health and education to employment, taxation, pensions voting, spending, transport and environmental degradation, younger generations are under increasing pressure to maintain the intergenerational compact whilst losing out disproportionately to older, wealthier cohorts.


IF questions this status quo, calling instead for sustainable long-term policies that are fair to all generations – the old, the young and those to come.


Link to their webpage here

The European Intergenerational Fairness Index is a very interesting project by IF, with interactive graphics, that can be found here


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