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I’ve always thought Kraft was a little gross. I should call Kraft back to let them know I switched. – RG. Just a waste of money and the cook’s time. In a pinch, if we can’t find Duke’s, like some places in Tenn., we will “make do” with Hellman’s. So I’d probably choose Hellman’s but they are very close in taste…until the aftertaste…which may not be apparent on food. Had to get in on this “debate”!!! She made it with Miracle Whip and hard boiled eggs, celery, sweet pickles and paprika. Spread the word, get others to contact Kraft requesting to return the classic to the American Public. Cains All Natural, Spectrum Organic, Whole Foods 365 and Gefen Kosher respectively. I’ve been hooked on that for the last 3 years. I started liking “mayo” when I found it tasted better in tuna salad. Blue Plate Mayonnaise, New Orleans, LA. And tonight I just tried Miracle Whip which I will never make the mistake of doing again. Best burger. I called and told them that I would have to go to another REAL mayo cause that was a version of miracle whip and I HATE MW so I am off to the store to find a REAL mayo!! Anyone else have these same observations. Just about every restaurant in the USA uses Hellmann’s Extra Heavy … and therein lies the problem … in can only be purchased in one gallon jars. I moved in with my best friend’s family in 1994, and discovered the fabulous taste of Blue Plate Mayo! I have always loved Miracle Whip and I do know that it is not mayonnaise but it tasted better on my sandwiches and in potato salad than anythng else. Make blue plate hamburgers and you will thank me. Miracle Whip, in my opinion, shouldn’t even be part of the equation because it is not mayonnaise, it’s salad dressing. Product/Service. Okay, sorry about that. Get full nutrition facts for other Blue Plate products and … Wow! Anyone??? There are 100 calories in 1 tbsp (14 g) of Blue Plate Real Mayonnaise. You bet! Our commitment to this recipe gives our mayonnaise its full, balanced flavor and delightful, creamy texture that makes good food taste great. I did like the tang it gave to macaroni and potato salads. Big Mistake. Thought about making my own, but laziness has precluded this, make good Tartare Sauce though. But I’d like to make sure you know that all of our ingredients are listed in order of predominance by weight on our Nutrition Facts panel.”. I was looking through my latest addition of Fine Cooking, one of my favorite cooking magazines, and saw an article on “Rating Mayonnaise”. Almost perfect! My son had them show him what they are using and they were just going to open a huge jar of Krafts.The Kraft has changed for some dumb reason.IT is now sweet…almost as sweet as Miracle Whip, which I hate. Why fix it if it ain’t broke? kraft or helmans is a lot better than dukes, sorry i know the south loves their food, but problem is with some food, if you are used to something that isnt made right, you wont like the real thing. There’s something to be said for the pure and simple (yet deliciously rich) taste of Helmann’s. and by the way did you screw around with the Krakt ranch dressing and dip? I actually really liked it. Just moved to Michigan and for the first time tried Hellmanns. I decided to pick up a jar just the other day, and I was really impressed! //]]>, September 4, 2006 by G. Stephen Jones 99 Comments. 4%. I do tend to over-react when things are misspelled. Sauer Company Richmond Va is the best Mayo on the market and that is that. Suddenly the hoagies tasted different. Since 1927, Blue Plate® Mayonnaise has been perking up sandwiches and Southern classics alike, like potato salad, chicken salad and deviled eggs. Obviously “Blue Plate” was somehow overlooked. I have written 2 emails to them. Disko Don. and not all stores sell it. Also the secret to Southern cooking is in the tang. Maybe enough complaints came in that they actually listened. I’m sending you reimbursement to replace this product, via first class mail, which you should receive within 7-10 business days. Thanks for letting us know Sally. Mayonnaise: Our time-honored recipe is crafted using only the egg yolks and a few other simple ingredients. I hope they have not changed recently. We have been buying hoagies {PHILA, of course} at the same deli for about 5 yrs. Although I grew up on Hellman’s for my sandwiches and tuna salads, I will be purchasing a small jar of Kraft’s Real Mayo for a comparison. Award-winning food writers at Epicurious chose Blue Plate as #1 in a Blind Taste Test of 16 mayonnaise brands, voting Blue Plate The Best Mayonnaise You Can Buy at the Grocery Store. The Duke’s is more pungent and eggy. Mayonnaise snob here. What a wonderful difference! it. Blue Plate Mayonnaise, 30 oz, BOGO $3.17. Please take note that due to the change in formula, the daily value for cholesterol increased from 1% to 2%. Both are very good, with a nice even flavor but the Blue Plate has a little more sweetness than the … I grew up in the north with Hellmanns and Miracle Whip, and continued to use them after moving to Florida over 20 years ago. the mayo is Heinz..! There’s nothing better. I grew up on Hellmans. it was nice being able to count on the consistent flavor and quality for all these years but not any more apparently. Nutrition Facts. Blue Plate Real Mayonnaise, 30 Ounce Jar. Just found this site today, after spending hours learning about Kraft becoming GMO. It’s amazing!! Oz. Is there something wrong with you people, don’t you know if something is not broke, you don’t fix it? This stuff is a good buy when competitively priced. Blue Plate is a favorite among chefs. I was thinking that maybe so many people complained that they were forced to do something??? I remember my neighbor used to serve us bologna sandwiches on Wonder Bread and Miracle Whip when I was a kid. I got it added to the Happy Report but I wanted to point it out so you guys didn’t miss it. I have tried Kraft, Hellman, and Heinz; Heinz taste better and it is in store now. Blue Plate Real Mayonnaise UPC 047900501237. I tried Dukes for the first time yesterday and liked the texture but thought it a bit bland (which might be good in some dishes), but also noticed an aftertaste. it’s a food service mayo so it can’t be bought in stores. Will post when I get the answer. On the other hand, If I were cooking for a pot-luck, maybe the Kraft Mayo could provide a middle-ground for both sides? Other brands just don’t compare. 9/30/19 (SS 06/30/19 R) [12-oz.+] Buy (2) at BOGO $3.17. I’m ok with Hellman’s or Duke’s, but I’m done with Kraft unless they wise up like Coke did with this “New Formula” nonsense! Also notice that the cholesterol content went up. Why call it real and then change it? Another contender from the South, Blue Plate's average scores took a pretty big jump down. I also bought the Calder’s at the dollar store. It is a thinner consistency though. Blue Plate is the best hands down. Hi Marina, thank you for sharing your opinion. I always use Hellman’s, even though yesterday reaffirmed something just ain’t right! I put it on everything. When it comes to mayonnaise, we likely first think of the big brands like Hellmann’s or Kraft. I am not a fish flavor person. Wow!! I just have to say as in Highlander, there can be only one and that one is Blue Plate. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hi all, I grew up eating Blue Plate in Louisiana and never thought I would find better. Do you suppose that they will eventually introduce KRAFT REAL MAYO CLASSIC? What I loved about the south was the food! U.S. and Canada: Category: Food > Canned, Dry & Packaged Foods > Condiments, Pickles & Relishes > Mayonnaise: Last Scan: Oct 19 2020 at 3:50 AM: GS1 Name: Reily Foods Company: ... Blue Plate Mayonnaise UPC 047900501176. Blue Plate Real Mayonnaise. Kraft REAL Mayo USED to be right up there with Baseball, Apple Pie and Chevrolet…….Now it Just SUCKS! Cholesterol 10mg. I don’t know if I can clear the space in the fridge for a one gallon jar, but I’m already mentally re-arranging the refrigerator… . I prefer Hellmann’s over Kraft BY FAR!! I was told Hellman’s and Best Foods are the same? 100. Y’all complaining about formula changes should consider that Duke’s has never changed its formula. Award-winning food writers at Epicurious chose Blue Plate as #1 in a Blind Taste Test of 16 mayonnaise brands, voting Blue Plate The Best Mayonnaise You Can Buy at the Grocery Store. It must have been on sale ! sorry, the south just isnt the best place for food, in my opinion. Now Hellman’s was different. Cook’s Illustrated, America’s Test Kitchen and Southern Living have called out Blue Plate as a delicious mayonnaise that holds its own. And love homemade mayo for sauces etc. I have not try Blue plate or Duke, but will when able to get them. Like you, I grew up in Louisiana, and didn’t know there were other brands of mayo worth eating out there besides Blue Plate. I wonder if Hellman’s changed their recipe too. The taste has definitely changed; unless I got a batch that was different somehow. I got the impression from mom that Miracle Whip was bought by “poor people.” (I was a kid then) But I am now 69 and my whole family has never changed from Best Foods. Now I still use Miracle Whip for sandwiches and potato salad, macaroni salad, etc. And just as good anytime of the day! Since 1927, Blue Plate® has dressed up everyday meals with its unique, legendary taste. I think I solved my Mayonnaise problem. It makes the best potato salad, deviled eggs, or just plain tomato sandwich. yes i say it changed with the new label definitely sweeter and flavor is different… bummer. I am and have been a Kraft lover forever and really surprised about the results!! There is only one…Dukes! Personally, I don’t think the new label is very attractive, so all around, as far as I’m concerned this was not a good move on Kraft’s part. I’ve always loved Hellmann’s but BUT BUT… it seems thinner than usual and I’ve recently tried another brand… Sauer’s. Rated 5 out of 5. They used to use Hellmans but changed to Kraft. But they’re both good. However, the consistency of the Heinz was much “fuller”. My favourite is Heinz Salad Cream English Dressing. I moved to South Carolina in 1998 and my wife brought home Dukes from the store on our first shopping trip because no Blue Plate. Heinz’s products are quality and taste great. A good source of Omega 3 ALA; one serving contains 220mg ALA, 14% of the 1.6g Daily Value. Upheld by many southerners since 1929, and that includes me, I’ve come to like it even more than Duke’s. ":"&")+"url="+encodeURIComponent(b)),f.setRequestHeader("Content-Type","application/x-www-form-urlencoded"),f.send(a))}}}function B(){var b={},c;c=document.getElementsByTagName("IMG");if(!c.length)return{};var a=c[0];if(! The consistency is just like the original, and it’s got the lemony taste. If the next jar tastes the same as this one, I’m shopping for a new brand. 9/30/19 (SS 06/30/19 R) [12-oz.+] Pay 59¢ each. Make it with Dukes. As a kid I never knew why I didn’t like anything made with Mayo in restaurants! I know I hate Miracle Whip. Did the blind taste test involve sampling the product straight from the jar? 74 ($0.09/Fl Oz) Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. agree with Angela and Debbie and my mom always used Miracle Whip and I hate the stuff. It is that good! I also love a home grown tomato sandwich with lots of Blue Plate! If no one has noticed, Helman’s Real has changed their flavor (ingredients) I have it dirctly from Hellman’s. There is this hard to describe new, icky taste to my ol’ tried + true chicken salad recipe…it was there last time + time before, as well…I just made excuses then, but now I know: on sandwiches and in smaller amounts, Hellman’s Real is fine, but when it calls for a cup or more in a recipe, beware. I think all the mayos have changed. Taste testers said it was a “great balance of taste and texture” and called it a “solid, straight-up mayo” that’s “a close second to homemade.” I’ve always wanted to try it but I’m kind of a mayo snob and didn’t want to buy it until I heard some reviews. Have been eating and buy it all my life. Bring your food closer to home and you will know real food. Serving Size. I’m about to try Atkins and am trying to pick a mayo, thanks to everyone for all the helpful taste opinions, I’m in the north, so I guess it will be Hellman’s. Olive oil (extra virgin is the healthiest option) — With a wide array of healthy fats and health-promoting polyphenols, extra virgin olive oil is one of all-around best oils for keto. I recently moved to Ms., and discovered Blue Plate mayo. I was reading your rant and just loved it. I don’t feel qualified to judge between Dukes and Hellman’s since I haven’t done a side-by-side comparison. None of aforementioned ones are nothing compared to Thomy. For the Duke’s fans in eastern PA, Redner’s Markets carries both the regular and the light versions. Blue Plate Mayonnaise is available in tamper-evident plastic containers, resealable 4 gallon tubs, and restaurant pack squeeze bottles for the front of the house. Dukes, Dukes, Dukes. I grew up on Kraft real mayo and I agree with others above it has changed. Kraft Real Mayo is ‘IMO’ a tad tastier than Hellmans. Blue Plate ® Go Bold Sauces make it easy to spice up everyday meals. I voted for Hellmann’s but I will try Kraft next time I need a back up. Pricey though. Duke’s is a southern mayo. What about the other famous southern mayonnaise, Blue Plate? ago and I seem to use more (how clever of Hellman’s) and am still disappointed. Really simple Examples (according to my own taste preferences): Taste testers said it was a “great balance of taste and texture” and called it a “solid, straight-up mayo” that’s “a close second to homemade.” It turns out that starting with egg yolks, and adding just a few, simple ingredients, is the secret to an extra rich and creamy mayonnaise. However, there are probably many more mayonnaise brands than you may have realized. I bought a bottle of Hellmann’s. dukes in my opinion is a little to vinegary. I surely would NOT have bought this jar of REAL if I had known it would be sweeter. Even Coke didn’t have the audacity to change flavors without warning everybody. But most of the time it is priced nearly double what the supermarket top brands are. Then my husband who is a Hellmann’s guy got me using half mayo and half miracle whip in my recipes and I really like it. Includes 0g Added … Big Big Huge MIstake. The reason you like Burman’s mayonnaise is because it IS Hellmann’s mayonnaise.

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